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Recycled Jewelry by Ckoasa

By Ckoasa Ckoasa

Our latest collection of jewelry is oriented on artistic recycling. This is a relatively new form of contemporary art, using recycled materials or objects in our creations rather than raw […]

Jewelry Made From Old Recipe Books

By Upcycled Design Lab

Have you ever tried paper quilling?  I am not an expert, but it was a fun technique to try.  The concept is simple but in the right hands the results […]

Upcycled Magazine Paper Jewelry

By Neokentin

I use colourful magazine pages to make beads and then transform them into beautiful upcycled jewelry.

Upcycled Pencils Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Have some not so great coloring pencils from last school year? Turn them into stylish jewelry. It’s surprisingly easy!

Jewelry Made Out of Recycled Magazines

By Helena Andreasson

I love to create with magazines and newspaper. I show you several ideas at my blog. These are my latest creations, mainly necklaces & bracelets.

Summertime… Jewelry From Recycled Plastic Bottles

By laGiulia

Le mie nuovecollane e anelli creati riutilizzando bottiglie di plastica, c’è un guardiano di perle nei fondali marini, e anelli acquario sulle mani.

Up-cycled Tv Cable Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Using TV cable I enjoy making jewelry into modern and ingenious pieces. Some I combine with vintage brooches or earrings and others I have made into link bracelets. I also […]

Old Wine Box Upcycled Into Jewelry Display

By Ronja Lotte

I made a lot of jewelry from old cutlery in the past month. In order to showcase these, I needed a jewelry display for necklaces and so I finally got […]

Presentation of Récup Art, Jewelry Made with Recycled Nespresso Capsules

By bijouxfaitalamain13 (Isabel Naomi)

We are Isabel and Naomi, two artists who live in Switzerland and we love making jewelry. And we drink coffee too! We noticed that Nespresso used this capsules with beautiful […]

Jewelry And Accessories Made From Recycled Electronic Parts

By Neokentin

This products are made with various recycled electronic pieces like cellphone or PCB (printed circuit board). The list is infinite. I reuse everything from electronics components that express my fantasy.

Cafetito: Jewelry Made Of Upcycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

By Neokentin

Craft and fun jewelry – made by upcycling philosophy. Leather-based earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings with changeable Nespresso coffee capsule accessories. I made almost every part of these jewels by […]

Recycled Metal Jewelry

By Neodim

My name is Barbara Di Renzo. I’m an artist from Cambridge, ON, Canada and I create both artwork and jewelry from/incorporating recycled metal. These are photos of some jewelry pieces […]

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