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Playful Jewelry with a Fairly Classic Line Focused on Eco-friendly and Natural Materials

By Paola Fornasier

I divide myself between Rome and a small greek island in Aegean sea. From the sea comes the name of my shop, Egeo that in italian is the Aegean sea, […]

Upcycled Spoon Art & Jewelry

By Neodim

I found a bunch of spoons waiting to be alive again! I reuse and reinterpret the silver spoon as a form of medium/canvas to become art and jewellery. I want […]

Jewelry Made of Old Crown Caps

By Neokentin

I love to transform crown caps in jewelry! Some of them are just beautiful, with others stories can be told…The beads are stitched around the cap in different ways. I […]

Soda Can Pop Tabs + Polymer Clay = Little Dolls Jewelry

By Neodim

Upcycled tabs from soda or tin cans are transformed by Clafoutine, a french crafter, to make adorable dolls she transforms into jewels. The mix between the waste and the polymer clay really […]

Pencil Shavings Jewelry by Mae Alandes

By Neodim

Mae Alandes, Technician in Fine Arts from new jewelry  EASD (Valencia, Spain) is using pencil shavings to make one of a king jewelry. Rings, necklace, earrings, you’ll see that everything […]

Recycled Bottle Caps Jewelry

By Neokentin

Recycling bottle caps with mommy. Here is how Joanne (5 yrs) is learning to make jewelry.

Recycled Glass Bottle Jewelry by Revetro

By Neokentin

The inspiration behind these Bombay Sapphire gin (and Coke) bottle charms materialized over the past year as we tried to find ways to repurpose an entire bottle without leaving any […]

Jewelry Made from Old Watches

By Neokentin

We’ve collected old watch parts for years and try to give them a new life. Together with glass beads, semi-precious stones and other small parts and found objects we design […]

Upcycled Starbucks Gift Card Jewelry

By Neokentin

Since being released in 2001, Starbucks gift cards have been loved, shared & collected across the world, but unfortunately most are just tossed in the trash and left to pile […]

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

By Neokentin

My name is Suzanna McMahan. I am the daughter of a Yankee and a southern belle who met on a blind date in Dallas. While one side of the family […]

Paper & Cardboard Jewelry

By Neokentin

Creating jewelry and accessories with recycled paper and cardboard. Creación de bisutería y complementos reciclando papel y cartón.

Diy: Branch Jewelry Holder

By Neokentin

Learn how to make your own Jewellery Holder using a recycled jar lid and some tree branches.

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