Painting On Old Thonet Chairs & Armchairs

Everything old, fascinating her. She paints on everything, which is available- chairs, armchairs, or cabinets. She usually uses old phones – painting on them, upholstering in personally painted fabrics, or crocheted materials. She finds these interesting retro pieces or offers them by her friends, who want to throw them away because they don’t need them anymore. She brings this old peace back to life, consistently and to the very last detail.

When I look at certain things, I always get an idea. Sometimes, I have a feeling that I don’t have time to process my ideas. There is an unbelievable amount of ideas but a lack of time. Ideas are often born from my dreams. I prepare a sketch and then improve it until I am satisfied. My creating is a slow process, from the first idea to the sketch and the realization.

Gita Kolačkovská

Gita professionally leads the students at the primary Art school Bernolákova in Kosice (Slovakia). “We are recycling everything, and instead of throwing things away, we turn them into beautiful and helpful ones,” she describes her work, which she uses to teach kids to think creatively. “At first, I fix them, regrind them or clean them otherwise. Then I prepare the base with base coat paint (paint for wood or metal), and then I paint. I use color according to the material; on wood material, I mostly use acrylic. In the end, I lacquer everything thoroughly,” the passionate artist discloses her workflow.

Gita Kolačkovská studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Košice (Slovakia) led by academic painter Alexander Bugáň. She finished her education at the University in Prešov, led by the artist Tibor Gál. Her work is versatile; besides painting on furniture, she is devoted to patchwork, which is a form of relaxation to her, crocheting, painting not only on silk, manufacturing bags made of paper, and creating different kinds of decorations figures made of fabrics.
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