Pallet Bench Sidecar

After the original wine barrel sidecar, please welcome the recycled pallet bench sidecar… practical to transport all the family or the friends… but concerning the safety, it’s another story! :)

Pallet Bench Sidecar 1 • Recycled Pallets
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Sir-Ronson Johnson Pickles IV

what could possibly go wrong

Sam Ro

Genesis Eve Cleveland now you don’t have to give up the bike for the summer. strap yourself in, hey maybe a car seat too :P

Kerry Vintage-val Lewis

Tracey Peacock heres a new 1 for ya lol

Tracey Peacock

How funny

Robert Peters

Hahahaha I might like that you can stretch out thanks Jo

Emma Odd Socks Brett

Ian maybe fit a car seat on there lol

Nat Graniel

Top master ! The guy is a genius ! Hahahaha !

Isabelle Archambeau

Philippe Freuville Pour rouler avec les 3 loustiques!

Philippe Freuville

Excellent merci

Gaby Yaya

Patrick Hermant, transport en commun du BENIN lol

Susan Svane

Mark Friis Thomassen nyt projekt?????

Mark Friis Thomassen
Reply to  Susan Svane

Absolut en mulighed !!
Har jo kun 9 ….projekter på lager…snøft…næste projekt ser sådan her ud

Susan Svane
Reply to  Susan Svane

Hold da op, ja så må projektet med bænken vente ??

Bastien Zobi

Je vois vraiment pas ce qui te fais penser à moi là dedans ^^

Nicolas Leszczynski

Bastien Zobi efficacité au détriment du confort . Plus de pote a faire monté

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