Petroplast: Sculpture From Pyroplastic

When molten lava flows into the sea and fuses with ocean plastics it creates a new substance known as Pyroplastic. This phenomenon was observed recently in Hawaii which hosts some of the world’s most polluted beaches.

The blackened color and molten-textured surface of Petroplast is representative of this fusion of materials. It has been constructed from a large piece of black plastic as the base, collected from a local beach, and plastic packaging attached with steel fixtures. I have been trialing ways in which to join and form plastics in a non-toxic way and often use components to do this.

I have made this piece in order to reuse materials, educate about plastic waste and to revalue the plastic from rubbish to high-end art.

Petroplast: Sculpture From Pyroplastic 1 • Recycled Plastic

Petroplast: Sculpture From Pyroplastic 3 • Recycled Plastic

Petroplast: Sculpture From Pyroplastic 5 • Recycled Plastic

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