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Please Pass the Salt Shaker Upcycled Window Valance

Add some whimsy to your kitchen with an upcycled window valance. I made this with some wire, old salt shakers, and beaded necklaces I got at garage sales. All you need are some good-quality wire cutters and patience. This project is a charming way to upcycle old jewelry bits, kitchen utensils, and old curtain hooks too!

Please pass the salt shaker Upcycled Window Valance! Yes, please!

Upcycle old utensils, salt and pepper shakers, and those old beads you have for a creative way to decorate a window.
Let them all know you love to cook with a window decoration idea like t
Spray paint or add faux finishes to old kitchen utensils as a way to make this project perfectly match your decor!

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  • Patty I follow you on your website and saw something here that I thought would be the type of project you do. And next thing I find this cute job that is actually yours! I love the colour combo and the ‘feel’ of the design/