by Theresa Kriese

Pod by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm

The ‘Pod’ is a large privacy chair for breakout areas in offices or residential projects. Pod is an environmental alternative to large upholstered furniture. Most upholstered is difficult to recycle as it’s a fixed combination of timber, glue, foam and textile. Pod tackles this by replacing the large upholstery with moulded felt created from recycled PET bottles. In addition the entire design is knock down with the shells stacking for minimum carbon footprint in transportation and storage.

The chair’s ergonomics allow the user to work comfortably whilst feeling relaxed and separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’ creates a room-in-room experience with the perimeter of the chair around the users head. The shell of the chair is the largest form ever produced utilizing pressed PET felt technology. This felt allows a distinctive aesthetic as well as offers sound dampening properties to increase the sensation of privacy with acoustic performance.

Pod by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm 1 • Recycled Furniture
Pod by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm 2 • Recycled Furniture
Pod by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm 3 • Recycled Furniture


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Jan D.
Jan D.

So well designed…hope it passed the comfort test too. Looks like it might. I can think of many places it would be very useful.

Emma Rivera García via Facebook

Me gusta y me parece genial el reciclar las botellas , lo que me inquieta es la cantidad ingente de botellas que hoy en dia se producen :(

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