Pottery Shard Jewelry – Bezeled Flower Pottery Shard Garnet Necklace

Inspired by the UK’s Pottery Industry, I love making Pottery Shard Jewelry. This connects me with the craftsmen of the past. I work to ensure their stories aren’t lost by upcycling their work and repurposing it. I enjoy the process of unearthing pottery shards when I am out on walks in the UK countryside or seaside, and researching their story – How did it get there? Who made it? What was the pattern name? Each piece comes with the provenance I have been able to uncover, connecting you to the land and history of the shard.

About This Pottery Shard Jewelry:

I cut this pottery shard to feature a flower. I discovered it in Middleport, near Middleport Pottery. The pattern hasn’t been identified yet, but due to its proximity to Middleport Pottery, perhaps it was made by Burgess & Leigh. It depicts a blue and white flower design and had part of an orange on the reverse side. I used several marquis-shaped, faceted garnets with one more to finish off the extender to dangle down your back. I made the necklace using sterling silver chain and wire. Then I soldered the jump rings for durability. Finally, I put the pottery shard into a sterling silver bezel after I shaped it into a circle.

Pottery Shard Jewelry1

Pottery Shard Jewelry2

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