Pretty Mixed-media Upcycled Jewelry Pieces

I made these Upcycled Jewelry Pieces using various materials, including shells, CDs, Ox bone, vinyl records, and more!

Design out of the box with these Upcycled Jewelry Pieces as inspiration!

Find the beauty in the natural media around you. Upcycle waste into stunning creations. Don’t be afraid to use something others consider trash. Almost anything can be gorgeous if seen the right way.

Upcycled Jewelry Pieces include shells that are embellished to enhance their natural beauty.
Shells are stunning naturally. With a few embellishments, the shapes nature created become even more exquisite!
Bamboo has features, including grain and joint flaws that are perfect for Upcycled Jewelry Pieces.
The beauty of bamboo lends itself well to jewelry.
It's music to your ears; CD Upcycled Jewelry Pieces are gorgeous!
The colors within CDs are eye-catching. Intensify the colors with fractures and edge treatments.
Don't give those bones to the dogs. Turn them into Upcycled Jewelry Pieces.
WOW. Bones turned into jewelry!
Upcycle old beads, plastic pieces and more into Upcycled Jewelry Pieces.
Upcycle those old beads, plastic pieces and more into jewelry sets.

Turn old maps and books into scenic masterpieces!  Build a quick and festive Pallet Christmas Tree.

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A few days ago, I found a website, the product inside does not look good, but the seller is China, a little worried, so please give suggestions. Thank you!

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