Recycled Art

Recycled Egg Boxes into an Amazing Turtle

Brazilian animal sculptor and painter Claudio Barake has always been fascinated by metals, foundry and has been involved in the creative process for the past 4 years.

After many research and studies, he developed its own paper mache formula, looking at recycling and contemporary mediums to express his preoccupation and create sculptures that will last as long as a metal one.

His sculptures are solid, usually taking up to six months to be completely dried, before accepting paints. All papers have cellulose, the innermost important element in wood. This element has to be used to its maximum.

There is special care in also using found wood and sculpting Brazilian fauna and flora.

This beautiful Red-Footed Tortoise, known as JABUTI PIRANGA has many variants all over South America. Lives up to 100 years. Ten recycled egg boxes were used in this sculpture!


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