Recycled Sports Equipment

Ideas from recycled & upcycled old sports materials such as baseball gloves, hockey sticks, skateboards part, balls of all kind, golf clubs and many more. There is no limit to imagination, and almost every sports material could be repurposed into something different.

Punch & Sit

Bringing together two fundamentally different objects or materials is an interesting task. In this particular case an old punching bag…

4 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Make Beads From Skateboards

Learn some tips and tricks I use to make recycled skateboard beads.

6 years ago

Marquetry-inspired Recycled Skateboard Art

Using broken, used skateboards we turn them into one of a kind Art

6 years ago

Old Skateboard Becomes Retro Games Interface

Basically, a friend of mine who is a sponsored skateboarder asked if I wanted his old board, apparently lost its…

6 years ago

Rings Made Out Of Recycled Skis

Gabarage upcycling design uses old skis to make beautiful rings out of them.

7 years ago

Skateboard Wine Rack #3

Check out my one-of-a-kind wine rack, made from a colorful skateboard deck!

7 years ago

Recyclart Ios Iphone/Ipad App Is Available

Since several, our Android App is available for free on the Google Play Store. But, you were a lot to…

7 years ago

Skateboard Wine Rack

Check out this unique wine rack I made from an old skateboard deck. Nuts and bolts (covered with clear tubing)…

8 years ago

Deckspad™: Design Coffee Table From Upcycled Skateboard Decks

This beautiful and colored coffee table by DecksPad has it top, front and back panel made from recycled skateboard decks. The…

8 years ago

Shelves Made From Reused Skateboard Decks

Shelves created with repurposed skateboard decks. Each deck is fixed to other one and connected by a threaded rod. For…

8 years ago