Recycled Sports Equipment

2nd Chance: Bags From Upcycled Basketball Balls

This is one of JF Production's favorite UPCYCLE project. People are given lots of 2ND CHANCES but why not give…

8 years ago

Cute Little Chicks from Upcycled Golf Balls

A nice and funny way to upcycled some old golf balls into cute little chicks, perfect for coming easter :)…

9 years ago

How to Pack a Shirt in a Sock ?

If you need to carry an extra pair of underwear, socks and a t-shirt in a small bag or backpack…

9 years ago

Handmade Skateboards From Wine Barrels: The Barrel Board Experience Project

Overlord skateboards are hand shaping boards in France. For this limited edition of only 10 boards, they reused Cabernet Franc…

9 years ago

Epic Event, Rad Trophies to Benefit a Great Cause

The guys at Deckstool decided to do something a little different this year when it came time for their annual…

9 years ago

Surfboard Into Original Bar

Surfboards can do more than just float! Here is the best example of a perfect repurposed surfboard!

9 years ago

6 Ideas to Reuse Climbing Ropes

What do you do when your climbing rope reaches the end of its load-bearing lifetime? Here are several ideas that…

9 years ago

Diy: Badminton Shuttlecock Lights Garland

I'm a badminton player and a big fan of those tiny shuttlecocks on which I hit for hours ! :)…

9 years ago

Upcycling Tennis Racquets into Wall Decoration

Great idea to reuse a Tennis Racquet into wall decoration!

10 years ago

Recycled Skateboards Accessories

My name is Steve Duque, from Providence, Rhode Island. All of my art is repurposed from broken skateboards. I upcycle…

10 years ago