A Recycled Year: Top 5 Posts On Recyclart In 2015

2015 is near the end, and it was another great year at Recyclart with a lot of originals contributions made from recycled, upcycled or repurposed materials! Before starting 2016, let’s see which posts were the most appreciated by you, readers.

30+ Ways of Reusing Wooden Pallets In Your Kitchen


This post was by far our most appreciated one. This is normal as it gives you more than 30 original ideas to reuse old wooden pallets in your kitchen such as shelves, kitchen islands, bar, stools and if you want more recycled pallet ideas, you should visit our friends at 1001pallets.com where you could find thousands of recycled pallet ideas! Link to the post.

Rainbow Trees From Up-cycled Plastics


This post was submitted by Anya Beaumont, who worked with children from a local primary school to create this beautiful installation of rainbow trees. Initially, she asked the children and staff to bring in any non-recyclable plastics they had at home or in school. From her experience as a parent, she known the inevitability of finding broken and discarded plastic toys taking up space in cupboards, let alone plastic milk carton tops and other items it is hard to dispose of sustainably. A beautiful project with kids to educate them to recycle. Link to the post.

25+ Ways of Reusing Old Wooden Crates in Your Interior Design


Another favorite post that shows you more than 25 pictures of reused wooden crates for your interior design inspiration. The old wooden crates could be recycled into bookshelves, tables, nightstandsTV stands, coffee tables, plant shelves… it’s totally up to your inspiration as this an incredibly flexible material, painted or not painted will be the biggest question, everything else is simply LEGO. Link to the post.

50+ Creative Ways of Reusing Clothespins

FotorCreated (1)

We all have old clothespins sitting around in the house and not used anymore. You can give them another life with those 50 creative ways of reusing them such as a lampshade, little planters, love message, gift tag and more. Link to the post.

30+ Creative Ways of Reusing Old Vintage Glass Insulators


Glass insulators are perfect for upcycling projects and with their industrial style, they are an excellent material for lights, candle holder, planter or other decorations. You will discover in this post some of the 30 best ideas we’ve found and that are made from old reused glass insulators. Link to the post.

That’s all for this year, at least for our five most popular posts :)

We will try to continue to inspire you in 2016! We would like to thanks all the members of our community who are all awesome by sharing with us fabulous recycled ideas! It’s just the beginning of the Recycling Era!

Happy New Year!

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Betsy Nichols
Betsy Nichols

Great post! The ideas of recycling wooden pallets are just genius and the results seem to be very convenient. I think we have some old ones in the backyard and this is exactly the moment to turn them into a new garden furniture. Thanks for the inspiration!

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