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Recycling Ceiling Fan Blades Into Home Décorations

We were at our beach house on Dauphin Island and had to replace an exterior ceiling fan. The blades were plastic and still in really great condition. I just hated throwing them away to only end up in a landfill. I decided to use a little bit of imagination, fun paint and finished up with polyurethane spray to protect the painted finish. Even my husband decorated a blade while having evening cocktails!

Clean the old ceiling fan blades and decide which side you want to decorate! I chose the textured/ribbed side. I wanted to make the blades into fish for an exterior design. We painted the fish and then spayed polyurethane to protect the blades from the elements. We used the metal “tail” and some rust resistant screws as well as a screw near the “eye” or “mouth“. We also got some wood letters and painted them with our exterior house paint and polyurethane to let everyone know you were at Jack’s Shack.