Recycled Hoses into Garden Mat

I used old garden hoses and black zip ties to create a large oval rug to use in front of my planters bench.


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    • Put those ends that you would clip off on the bottom so you would be walking on the smooth top part.

    • Agree - looks like a tripping hazard with no obvious purpose. Better to recycle an old hose into something else.

  • Buying plastic ties kind of defeats the purpose, but I love the idea, and would be more likely to use rope, string, or fabric scraps.

  • I think the zip ties are perfect. since this is for in gardening shed or outside. i don't garden bare foot. U could always use pieces of tarp sliced up. love all the ideas.

  • I made this rug and have left it outside for 2 summers and 2 winters now. It is had held up very good. As for the zip ties being sharp on the feet. The side that I clipped the tails off of is on the bottom side of the rug. It is very comfortable to walk on..feels just like a pair of croc shoes. It looks as good as when I first made it. I am on mission to make another one this year. The hunt is on for old hoses.

    • I made one of these and was excited about the idea. The sun broke down the zip ties after the first summer, and all were breaking. It was a lot of hard work, and ended up in the trash. Only NOW it had 100 zip ties adding to the mix. I would NOT recommend.

  • This is such a great idea....durable and really cool....great outside idea for that old hose....thanks. Gonna make for sure

  • I am so going to do this! I just passed up a hose at a yard sale today! Darn. You can be sure I'll grab them all from now on. Thanks!