Reduce Reuse Recycle Boogie!

Tip of the Pops is musical comedy activism and enjoyed by all ages providing renewable energy and entertainment. Tip of the Pops,the antidote to Apple’s ipod, is a subversive and anarchic discotheque made from waste transported in a wheelbarrow. Earwig the barra is a pop-up solar powered party generator playing dumped vinyl records

on discarded equipment Tip of the Pops is a lot of fun but also a serious statement about our throw away society. There is a hidden beauty to be found in objects and upcycling them. An ethical post consumerism, not packaged, shipped nor shiny and new. Instead they are discarded, unloved, old fashioned, remodelled and pumped up for you pleasure- or as they say down in Dorset ‘reduce, reuse, recycle boogie’! Keep it wheel…