Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Recyclable Materials Good for Home Decoration

Reduce, reuse, and recycle, the three most important words that will help our nature significantly. The Earth is experiencing global warming because of the pollution and at the same time, there are billions of plastics from different materials that people use every day. All of these are dangerous to humans, animals, and also for the Earth itself.

Luckily, there are a lot of things to prevent this from happening or at least lessen the effects. You can reduce the usage of plastics or try reusing your household plastic bags and plastic bottles. For those things that cannot be reused, the best thing to do is to recycle it instead and here are some of the recyclable materials good for home decoration.

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Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere and people often use plastic bottles since it is not breakable and very easy to carry. But there is a problem, because of the usage of plastic bottles and since plastic bottles are non-biodegradable, it is hard to find the right way to where you can put these things. The trashes from plastic bottles a fast-growing every year that can harm nature.

The good thing about plastic bottles is that it is recyclable and there are a lot of things you can make from a simple plastic bottle. The most basic thing to get rid of a plastic bottle is to give it away to plastic recycling companies. Another option for plastic bottles is to make it a home decor and here are some helpful ideas for you to make.

Plastic Bottles to Plastic Bottle Cups

A very basic thing to do and the easiest, convert your plastic bottles into a plastic bottle cups. It is perfect if you have kids in your house since it will help them organize their pencils, colors, and other drawing materials. It is also perfect for your office to organize your marker, ballpen, scissors, and other office materials.

There are just a few easy steps to create this plastic bottle cups but first, you need to find yourself a plastic bottle, zipper, and hot glue. You need to cut the top of the bottle and also cut the bottom of another bottle. Attach them using the hot glue and zipper and you have now a perfect organizer pen organizer. You can also paint them to double it as home decor.

Plastic Bottle Cat Planter

You can create a very appealing cat planter from a 2-liter plastic bottle. Instead of buying a ready-made plastic pot which will let you spend some money, an unused soda plastic bottle will make your house eco-friendly and at the same time good looking. All you need to have is a plastic bottle, paint, permanent black marker, soil, and a perfect indoor type of plant.

The first step is you need to cut the bottom of the plastic bottle to make the planter but make sure you cut at least ¼ out of the total length of the bottle to have a perfect space to put soil. You can now paint it with any color of your choice and use the other bottle to create cat ears and attach it. The last step is to draw a cat face, add soil and your choice of plant.

A Lamp From a Honey Bear Plastic Bottle

Instead of just throwing your honey bear plastic bottle after using, you will now have an idea of how to make use of it. Buying a lamp can be expensive and since you have an empty honey bear plastic bottle hiding in the corner you can now create a perfect lamp for your children. 

All you need to have is an empty honey bear plastic bottle, 5 watts Lightbulb or LED that produces warm white color, a chord, sucket which you can buy in your local house depo, and white spray paint. The next step is you need to cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle using a cutter or a knife. After cutting a hole, you can start spraying 3 layers of white paint.

Once the three coats dried up, you can now place the lightbulb underneath the plastic bottle and turn on your homemade lamp. You need to make sure that the bottle is not moving and the lightbulb should be screwed on a table. If everything is in check, you have now a cheap and eco-friendly lamp.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Recyclable Materials Good for Home Decoration 5 • Recycled Plastic

Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are just one of the many single-use-plastics that causes harm to nature and also to animals. You can find these things in fast-food restaurants and try to imagine how many plastic straws an individual fast-food restaurant can produce in a month. That can be millions of plastic straws produced by a single fast-food restaurant.

You can do something about this problem with simple creativity and imagination, you can make a home decoration from a plastic straw. And here are some of the easiest ideas that you can do on your own with a plastic straw.

Candle Jar with Light Effects

Create a simple candle jar that produces pretty light from adding different color plastic straws. All you need to have is a transparent drinking glass, plastic colors with different colors, double-sided tape, scissors, and a small candle.

To start, attach the double-sided tape around the mouth of the drinking glass. Stick your plastic straws around the side of the drinking glass and cut them using your scissors at the same level of the mouth of the drinking glass. Lastly, put your small candle inside the glass and lit it up and you have now a very wonderful candle jar.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Recyclable Materials Good for Home Decoration 7 • Recycled Plastic
source: Drinking Straws Lamp

Plant Decoration

This simple trick can make your normal plant in your house appealing. And all you need to have is a couple of different colors of plastic straws and a scissor. There is only one easy step to do this, just cut your plastic straws into small circles and put the pieces of plastic straws on the base of your plant pots. It is more effective compared to putting stones since it is lighter.

Plastic Straw Curtain

No need to buy expensive curtains, all you need to have a good amount of plastic straws with different colors, a string, hot glue, and a needle. The first step, cut at least 2 inches of plastic straws. You need to be careful not to hurt yourself using the needle.

The second step, use the string and needle to push through in the middle of the plastic straws. Group them in colors at least 5 of 10 before you change to a different color. The third step, use the hot glue and create a spiral stair-like design. After doing everything, you have now a very pretty homemade plastic straw curtain without spending so much.

Old and Vintage Suitcases

If you have a lot of unused suitcases in the garage, this is the right time to grab them and put them into use. There are a lot of things you can do with your old suitcases instead of just putting them on your garage taking some of your space. Here are some of the best ideas to decorate your house from an old suitcase.

Pet Bed

Instead of buying your dog or cat a sleeping bed, you can instead create your pet bed without spending anything. All you need to have is an unused suitcase and old clothes. Just remove the cover of the suitcase and place some old clothes for your pet to be comfortable in cold weather. This pet bed can be also added as home decor in a form of practicality.

Suitcase Shelve

No one thought that an old suitcase can be used as a shelf. With the right information and creativity, you can make a unique shelve out of an old suitcase. Buying a shelf can be expensive but with these ideas, all you need to have is an old suitcase, plywood, lumber, wood screws, toggle bolts for mounting your case on the sheet work, and a painter’s tape.

Special tools that you need are a scroll saw with a cutting blade, bits, drill, and a screwdriver. First, you need to remove all the lining from your old suitcase. Second, use the painter’s tape to mark the area of the suitcase where you need to cut and normally, in the middle of the suitcase. Third, grab the metal saw and cut the part that you do not want to include.

Fourth, create a mounting panel from the plywood that you bought and fill the opening of the suitcase which you just cut. Make sure that the mounting you build can handle heavy load since you will be adding items on the top of the suitcase once it’s done. Lastly, you can now mount your old suitcase on the wall.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Recyclable Materials Good for Home Decoration 15 • Recycled Plastic
source: Upcycled Suitcases Into Shelves

Used Rubber Tire

Using your old tire as a home decoration is the best way to get rid of it instead of throwing them away that will just add to earth’s pollution. There are a lot of ways to convert a simply used tire into helpful home decoration. And here are some of the best ideas you can do with a rubber tire.

Umbrella Organizer

You don’t need to buy an umbrella organizer and spend money. With this trick, you only need one rubber tire, preferably, a car tire since it can stand alone compared to a motorcycle tire. Let it stand in a corner behind your door entrance and drill some hole on top of it and you can now insert your umbrella. A simple and very effective trick to have an umbrella organizer.

Mirror Frame

A very practical way of using a rubber tire as a home decoration. You only need a bicycle tire and a round mirror that has the same size as the tire. You can start by spraying paint on the tire with the color of your choice and let it dry for an hour or two. After spraying, you can now fit the mirror inside the rubber tire and hang it anywhere you want. 

Tire Table

To create this pretty tire table, you only have two pieces of rubber, a round transparent glass, and spray paint with the color of your choice. First, you need to clean the tire using a scrub and water. Second, use the spray paint and let it dry. Lastly, place the two tires on top of each other and the transparent glass. Now, you a perfect tire table in your house.


These are the best ways to create a very pretty and creative home decoration from simple recyclable materials. At the same time, you are also helping to minimize pollution in nature caused by these used plastics. With the right information and patience, you will be able to create more designs from recyclable materials.

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