by Joaco Alegre

Refurnish Atelier

Our aim is to re-formulate the concept of added value. The added value is not the simple accumulation of purchasing motivations based in marketing strategies and ’fashionable’ trends. It’s an interaction of motives and reasons, mixed in a framework, by the buyer in a mental analysis: practical and rational justifications, based on the analysis of needs, interrelated with feelings, emotions, beliefs and attitudes.
We strive for changing this framework, under the following principles:

  • Use recycled and recovered wood to save raw materials and production costs. Thus, we reduce sales prices, and persist in using friendly objects by human beings, such as wooden objects.
  • Rationalize the consumption, returning to the original meaning of word: “use the resource up to its extinction”, transforming the raw material and theoretically disposable objects into new designed pieces to be used again.
  • Apply values of respect to the Earth, handling the “4R concept”: recycle, reuse, reduce, and recuperate.
  • Revalue traditional knowledge and craftsmanship in wood labors: We might do not miss the wisdom of our Masters.
  • Incorporate an humorous relationship with objects and between people.



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Marc Denimal

Si c’est toi qui a fait Thomas, bravo !

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