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Repurposed Bmx Rims Into Coffee Tables

So I had a couple of things laying around the workshop I wanted to repurpose/recycle. I started with X8 old 10inch narrow rims and 1x old BMX rim. I got to work and had the inspiration to build side tables from the mini rims and 2x bike racks from 1x BMX rim. The bike racks consisted of cutting the BMX rim into quarters, I then made a custom oak frame with bamboo Centre to support the rim in such a way that I would add the rightful brackets to hang a bicycle from it, I added some brass detailing to support and lock everything in place, it all makes sense when you see the image.

As for the side tables, I started by throwing all 8 rims in a powder coating oven to burn all the old paint off, I then started fabricating steel hairpin style legs that I would then weld to the inside of the rim with appropriate reinforcements where necessary, got some tops cut and toughened in 6mm glass that I then made small brackets that are well to the rims to give the glass top a place to sit above the rim in a floating style. 4 of the side table I kept with a patina finish and just clear coated the other 4 were powder coated black for a sharper more modern finish. Hope you can appreciate my creations.


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