Repurposed Sauce Bottle DIY

I used up all the oyster sauce the last time I cooked, and as I was about to throw it in the recycling bin, I figured it had a really nice form. So I placed it aside first, and when I was ready to work on some DIY, I repurposed this sleek looking bottle.

I’m pretty sure you have some nice looking bottle of sauce in your pantry. Well, you don’t have to pour it all out on the next meal you’ll be cooking, your kids may not forgive me. When it is all empty, you can grab the rest of these materials:

  • Empty sauce glass bottle
  • Gold paper
  • Mod Podge Glossy
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors
  • Round template (I just grabbed a lip balm and used it for this DIY)
  • Pencil

Grab your gold paper and trace anything that has a round bottom and use it as a template for making dots. In my case, I just grabbed a lip balm.

Cut up all the gold circles. You might want to use small craft scissors. It would be easier to cut with it.

Now, flip the gold paper dot and apply Mod Podge on the back area. A little trick I do when I work with Mod Podge is I place cling film ( or food wrap ) on the surface I’m working on before applying the Podge on the material. That way you won’t have all the sticky mess on your work table.

Press the dots on the bottle. You can place it in random areas.

When all the dots are glued to the bottle, apply Mod Podge all over the bottle to seal it. Place some hot glue on the rim of the bottle and wrap a piece of ribbon around it. Easy peasy repurposing, right! Home decor the easy and most inexpensive way.

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