The Re|surface Table: Modular Changeable Reclaimed Table

Why can’t tables be more like light bulbs and underwear? You know; easy to change. Introducing the re|Surface – a Changeable Reclaimed Table with modular reversible slats that release with a gentle upward push, then hold with a firm magnetic grip when returned back in any order to the steel frame – for a tabletop that changes on a dime, yet remains sturdy over time.

This Modular, Changeable Reclaimed Table fits all your style needs

Every re|Surface table is made up of 16 magnetically modular slats. We made these slats from an eclectic variety of found & salvaged materials, such as reclaimed hardwoods, old vintage crates, vintage wood puzzles, and much more. Each slat is reversible, with 2 distinctly different sides made re-purposed woods, allowing thousands of possible tabletop combinations. For even further customization, a full menu of additional re|Surface slats is available to mix & match for any interior. At 48″ long x 20″ wide x 16″ tall, reSurface is about the size of a standard coffee table – which might be the only common thing about it.

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