Reuse & Recycle Vintage Christmas Garlands

Getting down Christmas décor from the attic, you will find old Christmas garlands you no longer use or because they have been cut into pieces over time or because they do not fit with modern Christmas decorations…

Do not throw it away, you can create quick and easy construction, small masterpieces… and you will be able to decorate the most modern home or donate to your friends, to charity bazaar…

  1. Make a beautiful wreath by wrapping or sticking with silicone old Christmas garlands around a hoop base. Use Christmas ornaments to decorate them and make them unique.
  2. Create a decorative garland with year numbers by sticking old garlands with silicone on cardboard.
  3. Convert a paper lamp in impressive Christmas decoration by sticking silicone perimetrical old Christmas garlands.
  4. Christmas decorations for Christmas tree: simply cut into pieces a garland and with little thin wire or silicone enter the circular shape and create ornaments for your Christmas tree.