Rolled Magazine Art

Hundreds and hundreds of rolled pieces magazine that makeup one beautifully colorful art piece… 16″ X 40″ -175 rows w/ an average of 6 per row…. yes, that’s approx. 1050 pieces!


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  • I think visually,it looks great, Why not think of a way to transform it into a room partition.I think youre, onto tomething great.Well done!

  • I love the color and texture. It would look great in almost any room. I wonder if you can post pictures of the process???

  • Thank you all for taking an interest in my art...

    Glen I like the partition idea, (and might I add, I love what you can do with tires on your site)... I had thought at one time to make this into a mini coffee/ side table, but opted to attach brackets to simply hang as artwork.

    Jamie- I made this piece close to a year ago, so once I have the chance to make another one, I will take pics of the process and attach a link :)

  • Hi Amy, I also do rolled paper art from magazines. I roll on a needle and glue them shut lengthwise and create little tubes. A much smaller version of what you do. I have about 3500 pieces on a 9 x 11" canvas. I don't have a web site but would love to converse about this art form. I've had a hard time finding anyone who does it!! Do you sell your pieces? Was it difficult to set up a website? Thanks for any assistance.

  • Hi Shelly, sorry I didn't see your comment earlier... I too have done the needle size ( actually a paperclip ) so I know how time consuming that can be. I make mine into beads, to use for bracelets & necklaces... This was the first piece I did as hanging art. I donated it to a auction to benefit The American Cancer Society... Love to see photos of your work one day..