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I don’t see that this is recycling! If it was made with used sticket notes yes but this is just a waste of paper.


This would make a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day. You could write an I love you note on each petal. That way you give a gift that keeps on giving…write small so the love of your life can use each piece again, maybe they will even write you a note back! :)


Gostaria que me mandasse o passo a passo, realmente é muito bonita :)

Jane Clark

Right, gotta do something with all those post-its from previous jobs LOL

Eric Mills

That is such a beautiful way to waste paper! Who needs trees anyway?!!

Arnaud Ain
Reply to  Eric Mills

ne vas pas au WC cela consomme de l eau si non le papier toilette ce sont des arbres !

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