Rubber Tree

Make a Forest is a creative response to the need to preserve trees and change the way we think about dealing with our environment, locally and globally, in a sustainable and conscious way. The rubber tree is made of old and discarded car tires.

Dimensions of the rubber tree:  W: 2 meters, H: 3,20 meter, B: 78 centimeter

During the Dutch Design Week at Eindhoven, the rubbertree was exposed as a part of the ‘Make a Forest’ project.

Rubber Tree 1 • Mechanic & Friends

Rubber Tree 2 • Mechanic & Friends

Rubber Tree 3 • Mechanic & Friends

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how long did it take you to build the rubber tree? what gave you the idea of making the rubber tree

Marc ter Horst
Marc ter Horst


To answer your question…
The tree was build for the Make a Forest project and took about 4 to 5 days of work.

It consitst of 87 tires and the trunk has a metal frame inside for construction and balance. The tires together weight about 350 kg.

Carly Springborg

I love it!!

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