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Rug Burns: Upcycled Rug Into Urban Tube Top

I found a funky piece of material at a thrift store, and when I got home, I realized it was a rug! I loved it so much; I still ran with my original idea! I turned it into a structured, off-the-shoulder statement Urban Tube Top.

Make a Magic Carpet Urban Tube Top, and show your unique style!

I completed this project in five hours. The hardest part was sealing up certain parts of the top before they could unravel and completely fall apart! I love how it turned out though, because of how wearable it is! Plus, you’ll never have to iron the top! Unleash your style!

Transform a familiar rag rug into a customized tube top!
This rug top is surprisingly wearable, and perfect for summer!
Streetwear Stylish.


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