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Rusty Mezzaluna Rescue – Antique Rusty Double Knife Restoration

When something is broken, most people will throw it away. I want to show you that a better idea is to use your hands and common tools to repair the old things.

There are some antique things worthy to be restored. Mainly because some of them, like my double knife, are no longer in production. So I encourage You to do a similar restoration, to save old knives, tools, etc. It’s really easy and possible totally using only your hands. No power tools are needed. Really. Just time and hand tools.

I’ve paid 10 USD on an antique auction for that rusty heavy double knife. I’ve restored it using only hand tools.

The sanding, polishing, and sharpening were all done by hand:

  • First I dismounted the knife,
  • Then, I removed the rust with vinegar,
  • Then, sanding and polishing, it took a lot of time and elbow grease,
  • After that, mounting all together,
  • Yo finish, I’ve painted the handle with an oil.

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