Recycling Metal

Sassy Upcycled Silverplate Sculptures You Can Make!

Flea market finds such as candlesticks, old cups, bowls and more become sassy silverplate sculptures! It’s incredible how easy it is to drill holes in the vintage silver plate. Drill holes into the lower rim of bowls or cups and attach upcycled jewelry, leftover findings and more to your liking.  Make them customized with things that tell a personal story, or for a friend!

Upcycle those exciting finds from flea markets or swap meets into Silverplate Sculptures.

Supplies needed:

  • Silverplate plate sugar bowls, cups, candlesticks, etc.
  • E6000 craft glue
  • Old chain necklaces and ephemera
  • Doll head
  • Wire cutters & pliers
  • Dremel with drill bits

It is stunning how easy it is to drill holes in the vintage silver plate. Just drill a few holes in the sugar bowl and attach a pretty chain necklace to the bowl. Then hook on necklaces and hang things from the necklace ends. If you want, you can add things that tell a story.

An old sugar bowl gets decked out with some pretty baubles.
Customize and personalize your sculptures with upcycled necklaces and other things that are s
Add a doll head, and now those old silverplate leftovers from a bygone era become flapper dolls.
More sculpture ideas.
A candlestick and an old sugar bowl combine into a sassy, unique doll sculpture.