Set Your Records With Muroko Wall Art: Recycle Your Old Cd Cases

What led me to invent Muroko system was a common dilemma that many of us share: “What do I do with my CD album collection? I don’t use it anymore, yet I can’t just throw it away. It carries nostalgic memories, a part of who I was and who I am today.” CD cases are an actually great picture frame. It can be used for separated images or gathered into one impressive photo collage and even wall decor tiles. It’s also time to take a second look at the graphics shown on your music albums. When gathered together appears a colorful exhibit displaying a piece of the owners character based on his/hers musical preferences. Muroko structure consists of small plastic widgets, vertical and horizontal; that snap together along with CD jewel cases that frame the image but also serve as a structural component in the system. Assembling Muroko wall art is fun, easy and allows many design configurations.

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