Recycled Art

Shipwrecks Become Wood Pens/Keychains

Offshore at Sandwich Bay in Kent, UK, lie the Goodwin Sands. Over hundreds of years, possibly as far back as the Roman invasion, at least a 1000 ships have foundered and been wrecked. Include in that figure countless sea defense works and nearby demolished piers, and the potential for timber washing ashore is huge. But these pieces can become Wood Pens/Keychains!

Did you ever imagine that a shipwreck could become gorgeous Wood Pens/Keychains? Then you must see these projects!

Most pieces that wash up are not very big or end up fairly small after cutting away damage, splits and mollusk damage. The timber I use has to be sound, or it can cause injuries on the wood lathe. Oak, Ekki (Azobe, a West African hardwood), Walnut, Teak, Greenheart, Mahogany, and Pine all come ashore. Several more types of unknown tropical hardwoods also come ashore. I use this wood to create pens, key rings, and small bowls. I have some larger pieces that are still drying. Additionally, I need a low moisture content before I can use the wood. I hope to make some larger items. Next, I cut and prepare the wood into blanks. Next, I turn them on a lathe. After turning, I use a melamine lacquer

and several coats of microcrystalline wax to polish and finish.
Can you ever imagine that a shipwreck could become stunning works of art like these wood turned keychains?
Beach combing never looked so good as when the scrap wood is upcycled into works of art!
Several types of tropical hardwoods, as well as domestic woods, can be upcycled into pens, keychains, bowls, and other artistic creations!
Just look at the beautiful grain and rich color of that pen – all from beach combing!
Don’t walk by those scrap pieces that wash up ashore. Upcycle them into useful items that feature the beautiful grains and colors as these pens do!
These pens are made from scrap wood!

Turn old pens into functional Upcycled Crochet Hooks!