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Shoe Painting 101: Upcycled Wearable Art! DIY Video!

Look in your closet. If you have scuffed shoes, boots or heels that you love, but they are worn or nicked, don’t throw them out. Upcycle them with this super-simple idea! I have made several painted shoe projects over the years, and these boots are my latest creation. You might be curious what would possess someone to paint a pair of boots green as it is not the most popular shoe color. No matter what color inspires you, Shoe Painting is an excellent project for upcycled, wearable art.

Why paint your shoes? The question should be, “Why not?” Shoe Painting is a fast and creative way to upcycle your fashion finds!

It all started because we had plans to visit the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade this year. Wearing something green is a must when attending the parade! Now my philosophy is if you are going to be silly dressing for an occasion you might as well take it over the top, especially on Saint Patrick’s Day. Right?

Upcycle those comfortable, functional, but scuffed shoes into creative, wearable art!
My video shows you step-by-step how to turn your shoes into wearable art.
I chose green for this pair of shoes, but use any color that works for your outfits (or even costumes) and save a lot of $ in the process!
My finished project.

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