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Simple Watch Face Earrings (Version 2)

Do you have some old watches that don’t work anymore, or maybe you don’t wear them? If you do, I have a fun little project to share. Today’s project is a quick and easy way to make some fun and quirky earrings by upcycling old watch parts. I have made these watch face earrings before to sell at a local shop. They are fun and easy to make, and always different. Part of the fun is figuring out how to match up the watch faces into pairs.

In today’s post, I have a new technique to share. This technique allows the watch hands to remain on the watch’s face (in the previous version, only the watch plate was used).

Anyway, in this version, the earrings have a little more weight to them as the watch mechanism is left on as well. You can decide which version you like better, but I think they are cuter with the watch hands intact. As I said, the process is straightforward. You need to start with two watches with similar faces or make a pair that you like.

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