Sliced Wood Into a Beautiful Garden Wood Path

Katy Elliott spotted these at a flower show but they would make a great do-it-yourself garden project. Arranged in groups they can make broader outdoor patio surfaces and define gathering spaces while creating an array makes for an easy stepping-stone style path through existing greenery.


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  • LOVE it, but it probably wouldn't be worth the effort in Fla. Termites, etc. would turn it into sawdust in no time.

  • Judea Nieuwenhuijzen we have one like this made of oak, it lasts for ~ 7years now. Every year we remove grass and kind of mushrooms growing between little blocks, and last year we filled spaces between blocks with sand.

  • What can we put ion our wood slice path so it doesn't become so slippery/slimy in the rainy season??? Any answers out there? Mine become so dangerously slippery you can't walk on them. I could use some suggestions. I live in the Pacific NW where we get lots of rain. Thanks. By the way I love my path! Cindy ~

    • What about applying something similar to Thompson's WaterSeal, and while still wet, do a light sprinkling of play sand? Once it is dry, it should offer up a bit of "grit" to keep your footing. Just thinking here... There are also spray can-style sealants one could use *after* sprinkling the sand.