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Solid Recycled Cardboard Animal Sculptures

For years I cast my sculptures in several metals and high-temperature ceramics but, the constant growing awareness about our planet resources made me start experimenting with recycled materials.

I needed the sculptures to be as solid and lasting as metal sculptures. I developed sculptures by using cardboard boxes, and all sorts of left over papers. I picked boxes in the streets to recycle them. There is so much material thrown away, seen as garbage. All this material was taken from nature, passed through a great plan, expended much energy to be transformed in what seems so unworthy to us.

My sculptures take around six months to complete; the drying process is slow. I work in layers. There are no mixed medias, just paper, and glue. At the end some natural pigments to finish. I want to keep it simple, resources expending resources, and using what has been thrown away. I once hammered a sculpture, not a scratch!