by James Pollitt

Stop-motion Video: Upcycled Mechanical Whippet Puppet

Meet BITZ, my Upcycled Mechanical Whippet. I used my pet whippets as inspiration. I challenged myself to build a functional stop-motion puppet using the random junk I had in my toolbox. There was no design or drawing before I started. Her creation was an exploration into the balance between style and function.

This precious, Upcycled Mechanical Whippet will have you begging for more!

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This stop-motion video features an Upcycled Mechanical Whippet made of random parts into a biomechanical, adorable creation.
This clever stop-motion video highlights the beauty of upcycled materials in an adorable little Whippet puppet. This little creature will capture your heart and make you want to start hunting down spare parts immediately!
This Upcycled Mechanical Whippet has personality to spare. You'll see him experiencing the seasons while he captures your heart.
When a stop-motion puppet makes you want to put a holiday hat on your dog, they’ve done a great job of making you love the character!
This little Upcycled Mechanical Whippet is so adorable, and captures the enthusiasm of dogs and shows us why we love them.
Bet you never thought a bunch of random mechanical parts would capture your heart in only a few minutes! That was before you saw Bitz! <3
An adorable Upcycled Mechanical Whippet!
This cute little puppet emotes the adorable characteristics of our favorite furry companions. You’ll fall in love!

Now check out this cute little Plastic Bag Monster!  You’ll need to build stages and sets for your stop-motion critters. So start with a Marionette Theater from Pallets!

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You are most welcome. Your stop-motion videos are ADORABLE AND AMAZING! We hope you’ll be making more in the future and that you’ll share your ideas with us! Thank you from all of us at! – HS.

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