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Table Transformed Into Beautiful Oversized Clock!

I made this Oversized Clock for the Church of the Living God. This large clock started as a 6′ round convention table that had been thrown out because the edges were worn, the top had been disfigured, chipped, and covered with contact paper. The Pastor of COLG brought it to me because he knew I collect table tops for projects.

You’d never guess this Oversized Clock began as a convention table:

First, I removed the old contact paper. Next, I covered the outer edge with leftover pipe insulation. I upcycled some old jute from an old macrame hanger I have been taking apart. The crackled gold rim is old floor tile, and the rim that held the epoxy in is an old lamp electrical cord. I cut the vinyl from scrap I had leftover at my print shop. The rest is a large clock mechanism.

Clock for the Church of the living God auditorium.

Unbelievable! This clock started out as an old convention table. Once the old contact paper was removed, it became the oversized frame that features a large clock in the center. I upcycled old tile and even took apart macrame to create the frame.
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