Paper Mache Vase

Handmade vase made from recycled paper.

7 years ago

Ambulance Playground in Malawi

Dutch designers Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen transformed a parking space into a playground for disabled Children in…

11 years ago

Sea Glass Art & Decoration

I work with sea glass (pieces of glass polished by the ocean that you can find on many beaches). I…

11 years ago

Lady Flower Marionette

Lady Flower is a small marionette, big 15 cm (5,9 inch) only and another 15 cm (5,9 inch) more with…

12 years ago

Gravity Passengers

Three gigantic swings, fabricated from used tires, wooden poles and a whole lot of metal bolts and cables, are suspended…

13 years ago