Tortoise: a sculpture made out of recycled cardboard paper boxes

  Tortoises live a long life, and this sculpture took almost 9 months to complete. First, I make a paste…

2 years ago

Recycled Egg Box Into Japanese Snow Monkey

Using a paste made of recycled eggbox papers mixed with glue, this solid Japanese snow monkey sculpture took 11 months…

4 years ago

Egyptian Vulture From Recycled Household Plastics

Household plastic waste used to create & promote endangered wildlife.

5 years ago

Indian Rooster Cardboard Sculpture

This cardboard sculpture of a young fighting Indian rooster took a long time to complete, approximately eight months. It was made…

5 years ago

Animals Cut out of Plastic Bottles

I wanted to promote recycling, so I designed these animals which I cut from plastic bottles that are usually wasted.…

7 years ago

Solid Recycled Cardboard Animal Sculptures

The constant growing awareness about our planet resources made me start experimenting with recycled materials. But I needed the sculptures…

7 years ago

Tekka, Pygmy Marmoset Monkey Out of Upcycled Clothing, Polymer & Wire

Each TBL doll is handmade. "Tekka" is a Pygmy Marmoset monkey made from a recycled child's winter vest, polymer, and…

7 years ago

The Trouble With Cats & The Making Of A Pickle Juice Chair

Would you ever consider recovering your furniture with twine, pickle juice, and gelatin? No? Well, I probably wouldn't have thought…

7 years ago

Fantasy Wolf Pup Made From Recycled Clothing

"Red" the Fantasy Wolf Pup was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Red has a handmade wire poseable skeleton. The…

7 years ago