Tortoise: a sculpture made out of recycled cardboard paper boxes

  Tortoises live a long life, and this sculpture took almost 9 months to complete. First, I make a paste…

2 years ago

Salvaged Wood & Metal Sculptures by J J Designs

Wabi Sabi - The Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. Salvaged wood & metal sculptures.

3 years ago

Recycled Clothing bunny by TouchedbyLavender

I make poseable animals out of recycled clothing. I try to make my animals as real as possible.

3 years ago

Driftwood Nautical Decor

I live on the Mediterranean coast of Spain close to Barcelona. I create sculptures made of driftwood and other reclaimed…

4 years ago

FunTasTickz Trash Artz…”The Art Of Recycling”

FunTasTickz Trash Artz was developed by environmental artist Dennis N. Easter to help him navigate the plastics and metal bottle…

4 years ago

Bust sculptures made from e-waste

The bust has been created to address all art lovers and to re-energize their creativity during the Corona Virus crisis.…

4 years ago

Upcycled Robot Maker

I assemble figures, basically robots, only utilizing reused scrap metal parts. I discover materials in junk jars, in the road,…

4 years ago

Painting on Recycled Photo

This is an acrylic painting done on an old portrait photo. This portrait is on a canvas of 30x40 cm.…

4 years ago

Recycled Plastic Wasp Sculpture

I created this reclaimed plastic wasp as part of an exhibition on pollinators. I was asked to make a wasp…

4 years ago