Saba, Recycled Wine Barrel Stave Kitchen Island Light

Saba is a pendant ceiling light completely handcrafted using reclaimed oak stave's, recycled from discarded French wine barrels and reinvented…

9 years ago

Handmade Skateboards From Wine Barrels: The Barrel Board Experience Project

Overlord skateboards are hand shaping boards in France. For this limited edition of only 10 boards, they reused Cabernet Franc…

9 years ago

L’horloge Cargo

My clocks are made from a recycled 200 liters metal barrel and an assembly of recycled metal pieces and riveted…

10 years ago

Lace & Barrels

Anne and Philippe Guilbaud, French artisans and artists from Nice have a common passion: they recycle old metal barrels into…

10 years ago

Design Furniture’s and Objects Made from Recycled Wine Barrel Staves

My work focuses mainly on the creation of objects and furniture from recycled and salvaged wine barrel staves. Located in…

10 years ago

Barrel Cradle

We already linked to creative cradle made out of pallets, but this one is one the most beautiful barrel creation we…

10 years ago

Wine Barrel Christmas Tree

Just one idea more for Christmas tree, had fun to do it.

10 years ago

Ephemeral Wine Barrels Bar

An ephemeral bar made from old wine barrels by Rara Woulib theater company (France). This is recycled art! :)

10 years ago

Medusa, Recycled Oak Wine Barrel Staves & Hoop Pendant Light With Glass Shade

Medusa is a ceiling light, pendant lamp handcrafted using reclaimed oak wine barrel’s staves and metal hoop, all recycled from…

11 years ago