Paradox: Outdoor Bbq From An Old Gas Cylinder

The paradox we created using a gas cylinder to build a cool coal barbecue. All the pieces that compose it…

7 years ago

10 of the Most Originals Bbq for Upcycled Car Lovers

Summer is coming, and maybe you are in the process of searching for a new BBQ to enjoy the long…

8 years ago

Ufo Grill Lamp

Old grill into pendant lamp!

11 years ago

Bbq for Your Balcony

Not really recycled but still a great & creative use !

11 years ago

Rolling Stainless Steel Kitchen Converted from an Oil Truck : X-grill

Ken Foster, the owner of Hall Oil and the Breakaway grill store in South Dennis, emerges from the oil truck…

11 years ago

55 Gallon Drum Smoker

Beautiful handmade drum smoker. Sometimes, i'd like to be able to┬ádo the same with such perfection ! All instructions following…

12 years ago

The World Bbq

The World BBQ is a symbol of human consumption of natural resources.

13 years ago

Bbq Bike

Very interesting idea made by Rejuiced Bikes ! It will allows you to take you BBQ everywhere you want !…

14 years ago