35 Amazing Ways to Upcycle Old Boats

We already featured some lovely projects made from old upcycled boats. Here are 35 of the best ways to reuse…

7 years ago

The Carton Rapid Race: Built Your Boat With Recycled Cardboard & Race

The Carton Rapid Race is a derivation canonistic race, where the participants have to build their boats using corrugated cardboard…

7 years ago

Old Boat Repurposed Into Kids Playhouse

This is an old boat that was in my yard. We pulled it out of the woods, then cut it…

8 years ago

Drifwood & Harbour Wreckage

Sculptures made from driftwood, old ropes and re-used rusty parts from boats.

9 years ago

Upcycled Sailboat Art

Frames made from upcycled Sailboat wood!

9 years ago

Recycled Catamaran

Each year the french city of Saint-Victor-sur-Loire hosts a popular raft race that draws visitors from around the region. However…

10 years ago

Wooden Whaler

A fisherman friend helped me join these two derelict cove-boats together to make the WOODEN WHALER.

11 years ago

Custom Boat Bookcase

Custom boat bookcase that is cut into the wall. Can be surface mounted. As shown is built out of pine,…

11 years ago

Old Boat Planter

Now that's a planter! Made from an old recovered boat!

11 years ago