Upcycled Maps Into Bookmark

Reuse old unused maps and make a bookmark with them.

4 years ago

Little Golden Book Clock

Get the little golden book out of the attic and make it into a fun clock that is full of…

5 years ago

Envelopes From Old Book Covers

When you are a part of a society where you need to give something on every occasion, it should be…

5 years ago

Christmas Ornaments From Old Books

Reinventing Tramp Art and saving schools and libraries the high cost of disposal of books.

5 years ago

Make Upcycled Mini Notebooks: DIY Video Tutorial!

Learn how to make these cute mini notebooks that you can use as key rings or as simple pocket-sized notebooks.…

6 years ago

Earth’s Diverse Landscapes Crafted from Artistically Repurposed Maps & Books

Chinese artist Ji Zhou works with pastel-colored maps and everyday books to transform these seemingly commonplace items into a range…

6 years ago

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books

There are a number of unique and beautiful uses of old books. So why throw them out or just store…

6 years ago

5 Great Upcycled Pumpkin Ideas For This Halloween!

Yes, my friends, Halloween is coming as Winter is coming :) and Halloween is the perfect period of the year…

7 years ago

Books Into Stool

What to do with old books, nobody wants to read any more. Well, you can make a wonderful stool out…

8 years ago