Shoe Painting 101: Upcycled Wearable Art! DIY Video!

Have you got an old pair of shoes that need a face lift? Don't throw them away. It's easy to…

6 years ago

Old Boots Reincarnation (Featuring Glass Bottle)

I loved those boots. But nothing lasts forever. Their time has come, and now they are a nice bottle (well…

8 years ago

Old Leather Boots Upcycled Into Purses

Some pair of old leather boots upcycled into brand new purses.

8 years ago

6 Original Christmas Crafts

Christmas is coming soon, and you'll find in this post some inspiration for easy DIY projects. Which one is your…

9 years ago

Recycled Old Boots into Leather Bracelets

Recycling old boots into nice leather bracelets.

11 years ago

Flower Pots Boots Fence

Old boots used as flower pots and decorating a whole fence. Seen in Höhrath near Solingen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westfalia), Germany.

11 years ago

Welly Road Get the Boot in

The "Welly Road Gets the Boot in!" project to make a community focus for Wellington Road (Oxton, Wirral). Neighbours, businesses…

12 years ago

Garden Boots

++ Crafty nature on FlickR

12 years ago