bottle caps

Upcycled Jewelry Hanger

Repurpose sticks (or in my case, used firework sticks), wine corks and bottle caps to make a rustic-look bracelet and…

4 years ago


In a world where too much seems to go to waste too fast, I have the urgency to move against…

5 years ago

New Life for My Garden Coffee Table

An old garden coffee table with a broken surface is given new life with a new surface made from upcycled…

5 years ago

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaics

Mosaic steps and other art created from recycled plastic bottle caps.

6 years ago

Toast These Stunning Collage Art Bottle Cap Earrings

What do you do when your bottle is empty? Have a second and turn those bottle caps into beautiful collage-art…

6 years ago

10 Easy Upcycled Christmas Decor Ideas You Can Make!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we all love to shower our loved ones with beautiful gifts. Additionally, the anticipation as…

6 years ago

Trash Becomes Super-cute Recycled Plastic Turtles!

We make products and jewelry like these Recycled Plastic Turtles entirely from plastic waste.  Our latest creation is this cute little…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Beer Cap Table Saw Push Stick

A safety push stick made with reclaimed wood and bottle caps.

6 years ago

Two Ways To Make Bracelet Buckles From Bottle Pull Caps

Two ways to make bracelet buckles from bottle pull caps.

8 years ago