Wine Box Lamp

This lamp was made out of an upcycled old wine wood box. The lamp can be hanged by the wire…

5 years ago

Amazing Giant Robot Out Of Empty Cosmetic Boxes

It's hard to bin something so beautiful, but inevitably this is where most end up! So when my partner who…

6 years ago

Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes

Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes? Why not? I made this little box from chopsticksĀ because the curves and length of the…

7 years ago

Ammunition Box Into Sewing Machine Table

This table was made by mounting a tank ammunition box on an old Singer sewing machine base.

7 years ago

Converting Broken Water Passes Into Toolboxes

A little project on reincarnating cheap broken aluminum water passes into useful cases for workshop stuff.

7 years ago

Magazine Storage Solution

Solving a storage solution with everyday items.

8 years ago

Tutorial: Make Your Own Reused Tin Robot Easily

A lower cost, without special technical, without welding, you can do it! .You just have to recover two oyster forks.…

8 years ago

Three Circles As Hanging: Rolling Magazines Paper

I made a hanging for my round box. All the materials are paper. I put 3 paper circles for best…

8 years ago

Cardboard Road

Why toss a cardboard box when you can turn it into a fun toy for your kids? I made a…

8 years ago