10 Things You Can Make From Reclaimed Wood Logs

Across the globe, millions of tons of wood are thrown away every year. Do you realize how much good we…

6 years ago

A Chandelier from the Arabian Nights by Flab

A new way to have a starry sky at home!

7 years ago

My Island Nightlight

Created with a birch mushroom, branches, sea glass and pebbles from Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer, Québec. The moss is from Mont-Tremblant Québec, and…

7 years ago

Second Life

Created with a stone from Nova Scotia, driftwood and sea glass from Sainte-Luce-Sur-Mer, Québec. The branches from a sick branch…

7 years ago

Recycled DIY Decor: Faux Raw Cotton Branches

How to make fake "raw cotton" branches for home decor vase filler using items laying around the yard and home.

7 years ago

Twig Tree Wall Decor Diy

What to do with all those fallen twigs in the front lawn and back yard? Repurpose them and use it…

7 years ago

60+ Simple & Creative Ideas to Use Wood Branches into Your Home Decoration

Are you living near a forest? If yes, you should take a walk and start to pick up some branches…

7 years ago

Flower Baskets From Willow Branches

Simple willow weaving using an old lampshade branches left over after trimming.

8 years ago

Creative Decor Ideas Using Driftwood Branches or Reclaimed Wood

Driftwood, reclaimed wood, and branches, are an expensive home trend to buy from stores, but there are totally free in…

8 years ago