Wine Box Into Vintage Wall Cabinet

A wine box transformed into a wall cabinet.

2 years ago

Upcycled Bathroom Cabinet Adds Storage And Style!

This¬†project was one of three¬†storage cabinets I bought from a guy for a low price. I have lots of bathroom…

6 years ago

Bright, Cheery Upcycled 1950’s Cabinet

Transform an old, rickety cupboard into a bright and cheery Upcycled 1950's Cabinet! With a little elbow grease and some…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Scrap Wood Finishing Station

This is a finishing station made with scrap wood, with a recycled plastic lid for a cup stop/release diaphragm!

7 years ago

Coffee Bar & Base Cabinet From Recycled Pallets

This is a two piece coffee pallet bar, made from recycled pallets, scrap cedar, and vintage roofing tin.

7 years ago

Old Vintage Jeep Repurposed Into Cabinet

An old abandoned military Jeep from the Indian Army was repurposed into a beautiful cabinet. An awesome way of giving…

8 years ago

Cabinet From Old Cabinets

This is somewhat different for what I usually make. It's a cabinet made from old cabinets. Each painted in a…

8 years ago

Cabinet Made Out Of Two Vintage Doors

I made this cabinet using 2 vintage doors, pallet wood, vintage glass door knob & brass hardware. I cut 1…

8 years ago

Cabinets Made Out Of Recycled Jerry Can by Danish Fuel

Some designers are very creative with raw materials such as Jerry Cans. We already showcased Gascases, a company which upcycle…

8 years ago