Upcycled Candles

Instead of throwing out plain white dollar store candles not being used, upcycle them using chalk paint and colored wax…

3 years ago

Sassy Upcycled Silverplate Sculptures You Can Make!

What do you do when you find a dusty box of old sugar bowls in the closet? Well, you make…

6 years ago

Upcycled Instruments Become Lightmusic Lamps

With a passion for the beauty of musical instruments and a desire to honor their original purpose, I design a…

6 years ago

Old Saucer Repurposed Into Candleholder

I am currently hard at work to design new products for craft shows and as always I get one idea…

8 years ago

Can-delites, The Only Way To Burn A Candle

I'm sorry, I'm spoiled for life. To me, there is no better way to observe, absorb, to meditate with a…

8 years ago

Bike Chain Cross Sconce

This is a candle holder made from old bike chain and some spare parts.

8 years ago

Bike Enthusiast Candleholder

Repurposed, upcycled, decorative candle holder - great for personal use, gifts, or wedding tablescapes. Each reclaimed cog set has been…

8 years ago

5 Minute Candlesticks

For years, I have been following the Washi tape craze in the crafting scene and although I own one or…

8 years ago

Tea Light Holder

While I am writing these words, I can hear a voice in my head: "Not again a DIY cutlery project!"…

9 years ago