Recycled Drink Cans Into Amazing Decorative Flowers

Flowers made from recycled drink cans.

3 years ago

Lamp “Ican” Hanging Light

Four discarded cans made into one large hanging lamp.

4 years ago

Tea Boxes Becomes Lamps

I'm always looking for vintage patterns and I scale them to the scale of the box to stick them on…

5 years ago

Recycled Inner Tubes & Cans Jewelry by Ckoasa

We are a family who, from Nouméa, Sydney, and Melbourne, create, design and produce unique jewelry. We praise the protection…

5 years ago

Recycling Cans Into Tiny Planters / Reciclado De Latas

The painting of the cans was done with synthetic turquoise and yellow enamel. Mix the turquoise and the yellow paint, and…

7 years ago

Don’t Throw It Away! Transform Your Kitchen Instead!

Thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift? Known for being one of the most commonly used rooms in the home,…

7 years ago

Aluminum Can Poinsettia Art – Door Hanging

I like to create art pieces using items that I believe are "salvageable" and can be re-purposed. With this piece,…

7 years ago


Robo-Tins Found object robot assemblage sculpture made from mostly vintage parts. Each Robot is a veritable collection by itself. Constructed…

8 years ago

Récupobots / Tiny Recycled Robots

Tiny robots made from recycled household items, I've made them during one weekend. Ce sont des petits robots que je…

8 years ago